My Musings

My thoughts are on Medium. It's cozy there, it's light, and the simple editor makes reading and writing a joy.
Magic is complex
Let's talk!

If there’s one thing I know to be true, it’s the power of humanity. When one of us falls, we all fall. That’s the truth and it’s powerful...

Slow down

For everything you ever wanted is right in front of you.

Make the world a better place

Work on yourself.

It's not enough.

You just be you, the real you, and I’ll be me, the real me. It’s not enough that we come across each other’s profile, no, it’s the timing…

Give a damn!

You are human. You have bad days. You have good days. If you’re lucky, your number of good days are greater than your bad. If you’re…

I have lots to say.

A lot. Not because I know a lot of things, I don’t, no, I have so much to say because the act of talking is an exercise for my mind. I just…

It’s beautiful.

There is a moment in everyones life, that, what you experience, will put you in your place in the universe. It will overwhelm you with so much. And you can take it all in, because you're not overwhelmed. Your mind is so vast — and you start to realize this, when the experience is taking shape — so…